At T R McLemore Law Chartered, we offer our extensive experience in complex negotiations to assist clients with understanding not only aviation law and regulatory requirements, but also the practical business aspects of an aviation transaction.




T R McLemore provides guidance in negotiating transactions, Federal Aviation Regulations as well as federal and state tax laws, drawing on experience with manufacturers, regulators, banks, and insurance companies to provide sound legal advice for your aviation transaction.


We assist clients with:

  • Negotiating transactions
  • Registration and Trusts
  • Ownership Strategies
  • Leasing
  • Financing
  • Like-kind Exchanges
  • Insurance
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Sales, Use and Federal Excise Tax
  • Depreciation and Personal Use
  • Aircraft Management and Charter


Since 1995, attorney McLemore has negotiated successful aviation transactions on behalf of clients around the world with manufacturers, regulatory agencies, finance and insurance companies as well as individual buyers, sellers, their brokers and agents.


He understands the many competing interests in a commercial transaction and takes great care to understand the client’s goals, alert the client to potential issues, and solve potential problems before they arise.

Our clients range from sole proprietors just getting started in business to large businesses and high net-worth individuals.


Licenses & Professional Associations:

Licensed to practice in Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Connecticut and New York

Member of NBAA



  • Wichita State University, BBA
  • Oklahoma City University, JD, MBA
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T R McLemore negotiates and coordinates complex business aircraft transactions world-wide. Not only does he draft agreements, leases, amendments and other transactional documents, he is adept at explaining in clear language, the legal, financial and regulatory impact of transactional documents to clients. His representation does not end when the ink is dry on the signature line. He has extensive experience guiding clients through reconciling contract performance with the text of the document and conducting due diligence through the completion of the contract including filing tax forms and aircraft registration documentation with the FAA. Mr. McLemore specializes in eliminating “legalese” and focusing on the important material issues, saving his clients time and money by focusing on what’s important to the client, not the lawyers.

  • T R McLemore

    Attorney McLemore graduated from Wichita State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, majoring in Finance, minoring in Accounting.  Upon graduation, he entered the finance department of a major aircraft manufacturer which set the course for his career in aviation and the law.  Aware of the complexity of the law and regulations in the business world, he entered law school to enhance his qualifications and become effective in the aviation industry.  He received both a Juris Doctor and a Masters of Business Administration in 1995.  He resumed his career in aviation, landing a position in contract administration with his former employer. At this new position, he negotiated and drafted purchase agreements and was responsible for hosting customer executives and their representatives, understanding their needs, and reliably translating agreements into results.  He soon developed the critical skills of negotiating solutions for the mutual benefit of both the buyer and the seller, solving problems and getting deals done on time.


    In 2000 attorney McLemore was selected to establish the contracts and legal department for a start-up fractional ownership joint venture.  In that new role, he developed the policies and processes to guide the sales proposal process, negotiation, execution, administration and internal communication of all company agreements.  He negotiated complex purchases, management and financing agreements with counsel and industry experts within the guidelines of the heavily regulated aviation industry, considering relevant tax, accounting, insurance and operational issues.  It was there that he developed his passion for reducing negotiation and closing time while maintaining strict regulatory compliance and essential protection for the company’s strategic interests.  Within five years, Attorney McLemore had gained the knowledge, skill and confidence to strike out on his own.  In 2005, T R McLemore Law was born and since then, Attorney McLemore has been applying his extensive knowledge of the aviation industry to serve the legal needs of his clients.

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